French Place

Once considered poorly placed due to its proximity to IH-35, Austinites have recently discovered the potential of this genial neighborhood. Residents who have lived here for decades are happy to welcome those who have finally seen the benefits of this ideally located and affordable Austin real estate in this central neighborhood.

French Place sits serenely on the northeastern edge of downtown, a colorful collection of one-story homes, many of which have a two bedroom, one bathroom layout. Multi-story houses are scattered throughout the area, but most lots play host to small dwellings in this quaint subsection of Cherrywood.

You won?t find perfectly manicured lawns and innovative xeroscaping in this neighborhood, as most inhabitants enjoy the natural aesthetics of sprawling gardens, wildflowers, and big-trunked trees. French Placers are not ones for conformity, so homes range in color and character. A reddish orange ranch might border a lime green bungalow. However, don?t be fooled by their eclectic exteriors. These East Austin edifices feature some of the most impressive interior design in the city. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light are common occurrences.

Homeowners and renters coincide harmoniously in this mellow nook, and its closeness to the University of Texas has not encouraged irresponsible tenants and loud parties. Instead, leases are signed by contemplative graduate students and twentysomethings still searching for a career path. Although there are plenty of starter homes in French Place, you are more likely to find DINKS (dual income, no kids) and dog lovers buying property, rather than young families.

Fortunately for residents and interested buyers, the appraised value of a French Place address is guaranteed to rise as the nearby real estate redevelopment at Mueller gains momentum and the city continues to spread beyond the major corridors. With any growing city comes new construction and French Place is no exception. Drive the wide, shady streets and witness the diverse mix of homes from the 1940s, 1980s, and 2000s. Frequent weekend open houses are a great way to familiarize oneself with the community.

French Place residents are content in their zip code. They have a hard time imagining a homestead anywhere else in Austin, and with such central convenience, they may be right. Grocers and retail are accessible in a three-minute drive or five-minute bike ride, while the popular Manor Road restaurant strip is also a nearby temptation. Coffee shops are close and big-box stores are a few exits up on IH-35. French Place is also located at the epi-center Austin?s thriving arts community. Each month Austin has an East Austin arts tour where they visit the homes of different artists. Public transportation to French Place is readily available and downtown Austin is feasible as a nightly destination which makes it attractive to people that want to enjoy Austin?s vibrant music scene. Austin Independent School District is present in this part of town, as are many other educational institutions and work opportunities.

Visit French Place on a cool summer evening or weekend afternoon and you?ll find its inhabitants doing what they do best enjoying life in their peaceful neck of the woods.

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